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Name Indra Bayu Vimono S.Si. M.App.Sc.
Phone +62 812 339 30303
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Current Job Researcher
Institution Name Research Centre for Oceanography- Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
Research Field Genetics
Educational background 2013 Master of Applied Science. School of Marine and Tropical Science. James Cook University. Townsville-Australia 2005 Bachelor of Science. Department of Biology, Faculty of Math and Science, Malang State University. Malang-Indonesia
Training -
Publication Vimono, I.B. 2007.A review of sea urchin.Oseana, 32 (3): 37-46 Arbi, U.Y. and I.B. Vimono. 2010. Parasitism relationship between parasitic snail Thycacrystallina and blue sea star Linckialaevigata from Ternate waters, North Maluku. Oceanology and Limnology in Indonesia 36(2): 227-242. Vimono, I.B. and HAW.Cappenberg. 2010. Seagrass beds Echinoderms at Lampung bay. Status SumberDayaLaut Di PerairanTeluk Lampung.Ruyitno (Eds). Jakarta, LIPI Press: 32-39, 219pp Vimono, I.B. and H.F. Sihaloho. 2011. Echinoderms of Bawean. Biodiversity of Bawean Islands.Ruyitno (Eds). Jakarta, LIPI Press: 91-99, 112 pp Purwati, P.,I.B. Vimono and M. Fajri. 2011. Species Diversity, Density and Spatial Distribution of Sea Stars (Asteroidea, Echinodermata) At Tikus Island. Oceanology and Limnology in Indonesia 37 (3): 455-478