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Name Dr. Amir Hamidy, M.Sc
Phone +62 82 137 871 914
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Current Job Researcher (Herpetologist)
Institution Name Zoology Division (Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense), Research Center for Biology, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)
Research Field Herpetology
Educational background Gadjah Mada University (Faculty of Biology) : B.S. (2004) Kyoto University (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies) : M.Sc. (2010) Kyoto University (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies) : Ph.D. (2013)
Training May 2018: Workshop on Captive Breeding CITES, Bogor January 2018: ToT ESABII CITES, Kuala Lumpur April 2017: Workshop on NDF of Snakes CITES, Kuala Lumpur January 2017: ESABII Training on CITES, Kula Lumpur March 2017: Workshop on Source Code CITES, Cambridge May 2013 Workshop: Research, collection and lab techniques in Herpetology (MZB/LIPI, Bogor Agricultural University, Texas University at Arlington and University of Brawijaya) in Bogor, Indonesia February 2013: The 5th Hope Meetings with Nobel Laureates (JSPS/Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) in Tokyo, Japan
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